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2024 Marketing Trends to Watch

It’s time to talk about the top 2024 marketing trends we’re most looking forward to next year. From AI to personalization to TikTok, we’ve got the top trends to watch in 2024.

AI, AI, AI 2024 Marketing Trends

Ask any marketer what their top trend to watch is in 2024, they will answer “AI.” AI’s explosive growth over the last year or so has refocused many marketing efforts. AI is useful in analytics as well as content personalization. It can also be used to rapidly create content that can be deployed on websites, via email, and on social media.

So, will AI take over marketing and put us all out of work? Not a chance. Marketers will use AI to work smarter, but AI won’t be taking over the world (at least not in 2024). As AI-generated content becomes more common, consumers will be looking for more authentic connections with the brands they buy from. Marketers will need to spend lots of time building goals and smart strategy to ensure they deploy AI in a way that doesn’t harm their relationships with their customers.


When 90 percent of consumers find personalized content appealing, it’s no wonder it is a top trend for 2024. Personalization goes beyond using a customer’s name in an email to offering personalized product recommendations, advertising, and a seamless, personalized experience across your website, social platforms, and even physical locations. If you haven’t tried incorporating personalization into your marketing strategy, 2024 is a great time to start.

No More Third-Party Cookies

This one is less a trend and more an update. In 2024, Google will phase out the use of third-party cookies on Chrome and its other platforms, citing privacy concerns. This means companies will need to find other ways to deliver highly personalized content to customers and prospects. AI may replace cookies as a way to understand and even predict buying behavior.

Reels, TikToks, and Livestreams

Whether you’re on Instagram, TikTok, or livestreaming an event on your website, video content will continue to be hot next year. Short, informal videos capture your audience’s attention and help you build your relationship with your customers, especially younger ones.

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