2022 - Difficulties faced by manufacturers over the past three years

Who can attend?

We welcome all manufacturing business owners. An invitation is also extended to manufacturing executives and senior leaders currently employed at a manufacturing company.

If you any questions, please reach out to [email protected]com

Why attend Manufacturers Connect?

Attending Manufacturers Connect allows you to stay up to date with industry best practices. Along with meeting other manufacturing professionals will facilitate advancements in your career and company.

It will also better prepare you and your company’s strategy for the best and worst of times. Manufacturers Connect is committed to educating you on staying objective through the peaks and valleys of manufacturing business ownership.


  • Susan Cary-Hanson. Co-CEO at PGC
  • Dale Skoog. President at Die Technology Inc
  • Roger Neilson Jr. – Co-Owner CEO / VP Sales & Marketing at In’Tech Industries
  • Christine Lantinen – President/Owner – Maud Borup Inc
  • Jon West – Chief Revenue Officer – King Technology

Discussion topics:

  • Inflation
  • Regional Economic Conditions: Manufacturing
  • Hiring and retention
  • Sales and Sales Channels
  • Marketing direction
  • Technology Changes
  • Supply Change