Jeff Campbell specializes in working capital, acquisition finance, franchises and commercial real estate. He enjoys helping closely held, privately owned companies poised for growth, transitions, and other opportunities. A Management and Economics graduate of Hamline University, he has been developing hands-on banking relationships with management/ownership who value his counsel, candor and connections.
“My role is more than a banker – it’s a conduit to other decision makers, professionals, and other potential sources of business. My clients appreciate that I’m willing to challenge, as well as support, them.”
Jeff is inspired by entrepreneurial stories and visits to a wide array of client facilities – offices, manufacturing plants, and warehouses. “I witnessed firsthand how financing gave my dad the opportunity to build his business. That’s why I enjoy helping business owners know their opportunities and fulfill their goals.”
Jeff is an active sponsor of Entrepreneur’s Organization and Manufacturers Connect.

Increase Sales And Efficiencies Through Equipment Financing

“Small Businesses have been hammered by the pandemic and government-imposed shutdowns. They have spent the last year trying to help their employees, keep their doors open, and are ready to hire and grow.” said National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) President & CEO Brad Close. While capital investment is vigorous, historically high numbers of owners are pessimistic about economic conditions in the second half of 2021. This means that capital investment will probably slow down as owners choose to take fewer risks by expanding their businesses. 

As workforce shortages continue, businesses seek new ways to stay competitive and efficient. Automation is one of the answers and it isn’t necessarily replacing jobs but making them different and helping companies remain efficient. To become more efficient, many small to medium sized companies are acquiring new equipment to help them meet and exceed their client’s needs. According to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA), new business volume for equipment financing activity in April was $9.8 billion, up 19% year-over-year.

According to the ELFA “Portfolio quality also shows resilience as lease and loan contract modifications requested by many customers appear to be in the rear-view mirror. The economy and business activity still have a ways to go to return to pre-pandemic levels, but what we see so far in terms of capital equipment investment is indeed encouraging as we head into the summer months.”

How can Fidelity Bank help with equipment financing?

Our mission at Fidelity Bank is to work closely with our clients and prospects to understand your business goals and identify your unique needs. Gaining this understanding allows us to provide the best equipment financing solution for you. Fidelity Bank offers the equipment finance products that best it your needs and we will customize a solution specifically for you.
There are benefits you realize when working with Fidelity Bank in structuring your equipment financing and leasing transactions, including:
Customized solutions – structuring a transaction that enables you to take advantage of the most current equipment models and technologies. Leasing equipment may be a better option for you if you need to evaluate whether the equipment fits your specific needs. After using the equipment for a period of time you can decide whether you want to purchase the equipment, renew, and continue leasing the equipment or return the equipment and upgrade to a newer version.
Cash flow – rather than using your working capital to finance equipment, a long-term asset, the use of either a long-term Lease or Loan enables you to match the useful life of the asset with the life of the financing.
Simple, flexible process – the approval and documentation process for equipment financing transactions is simple and quick compared to a more traditional process. This allows you to spend your time managing your business, taking care of clients, and using your new equipment to satisfy customer needs rather than wasting time in a lengthy approval and documentation process.
Equipment is the collateral – the Lease or Loan is secured simply by the equipment itself so it’s not necessary to provide additional collateral for the transaction, making equipment financing much simpler and more streamlined than traditional financing.

If you’re a business owner and have been considering an Operating Lease, Capital Lease or Term Loan for your own equipment financing needs, we’d love to share how the equipment financing program at Fidelity Bank can assist you.

Vendor Financing Programs

If you are a commercial equipment manufacturer or distributor, Fidelity Bank can help you increase sales and build new relationships. By working together, we can accomplish this by customizing a Vendor Finance program to meet the unique needs of you and your customers.

As an independent bank, we offer a variety of financing options for your customers including flexible terms, 100% financing and seasonal payments. Our Vendor Finance products include Operating Leases, Capital Leases and Term Loans.

By offering personalized financing programs you can help your customers overcome purchasing obstacles and take the next step in acquiring the important equipment they need from you. We would love to share ideas with you to help you increase your sales and build new relationships.