The unfortunate truth

There may be no industry where a shortage of people or not having the right people in the right seats is felt more than in Manufacturing. There are as many open manufacturing jobs in Minnesota today as there are lakes. On top of that, there are strategic leadership positions that haven’t been created yet in some companies that will be a priority to fill in the months and years to come.

People ARE your greatest asset

How many times does a key person give you their notice and you are left wondering how you are going to replace them?  Do you have a contingency plan in place for your high-risk talent?  Are you just posting your jobs online waiting for the right applicant to fall in your lap? 

You need to get strategic about your people planning just like you do in every other part of your business.  Hiring today in manufacturing has never been more competitive. 

There is no magic-bullet

CorTalent has been working on finding, selecting, and retaining top talent for manufacturing companies for over 11 years. We assist in finding talent at all different levels of the organization. For strategic or tough to fill roles, we have a proven search process.  If you have a position that needs to be filled quickly or just need supplemental recruitment support, we offer candidate pipeline services.  For high turnover positions, we offer an automated recruitment platform that can help make a company’s recruiting process more efficient, centralize all job and candidate info, and increase applicant flow by up to 100%.

CorTalent also offers an array of consulting services. Today’s marketplace is flooded, and it is imperative your company find and hire the right people.

  • Recruitment Process Audit: We review and recommend strategies to ensure you have the right recruitment process in place from branding to hiring to on-boarding.
  • Talent Lifecycle Assessment: Using as assessment for hiring is just one piece of ensuring you have the right hire long term.  With our assessment, you receive additional reports to develop and coach your new hires for optimal performance.  We also offer team-based reports to improve communication and succession reports to help you identify your future leaders.

With CorTalent’s extensive expertise working with manufacturing companies, we know the trials and tribulations companies go through when it comes to your people. We also know that each company faces unique challenges that must be met with curated solutions. We are experts in working with SMBs, companies running on EOS, and ESOP companies in the manufacturing industry. We are excited to meet and learn more about your business.